NFL Network hosts fired over controversial tweets,websites hosting

Posted March 06, 2018 07:05:24 NFL Network has fired host David Koechner for his tweets criticizing the league’s handling of the national anthem protests, according to an ESPN report.

Koechners Twitter account is now being used for other reasons, according the report, with a message stating that the network has “lost faith in the integrity of the team.”

Koechiers suspension comes as ESPN has reported that the NFL has lost nearly half of its revenue from the National Football League.

The network had been planning to announce Koechaner’s departure in a story that was scheduled to air Thursday, according ESPN.

The network’s decision to pull the article came after Koechier was suspended from the network for five games.

Koenigke, a former Washington Redskins defensive lineman, also said that he would not be the one to decide Koechners fate, the report said.

Kochner is expected to be reinstated by the NFL later this week, according NFL Network’s report.