Why Google is shutting down its web hosting service

A former Google engineer has been fired from the company, after his use of Google Cloud Platform, a platform used to run web applications, was deemed inappropriate.

The move comes as Google is struggling to convince the public that it has a web-based strategy that will allow it to succeed in the cloud.

The employee, who is not named in the New York Times, was hired by Google in 2011.

He was accused of “improperly” using the company’s cloud hosting services and then deleted his job, which was subsequently transferred to a different Google employee.

He is not yet being paid for his work on Google’s web services.

The Times report cites unnamed people familiar with the matter as saying the firing is “an isolated incident.”

Google confirmed to Newsweek that it was “looking into the circumstances surrounding the matter,” but did not provide additional details.

The company has not provided a comment on the firing, nor has it confirmed the identity of the former employee.

The Google Cloud platform is one of Google’s most prominent cloud computing platforms.

In December, Google announced that it would stop using its cloud hosting platform as of the end of this year, citing “a changing technology landscape.”

The move was the latest setback for the company in the months since Google announced its plans to leave the cloud, including the acquisition of a data center by rival Amazon, the shutdown of Google Glass and the cancellation of the Google+ Hangouts app, which the company said was too popular.

A recent report by cybersecurity firm FireEye said that Google’s cloud services could be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

“Google’s cloud is an important part of the company and its core competencies, including its search, data and advertising services,” FireEye CEO Mark J. Perry said.

“But it’s clear that it’s a very vulnerable platform.

There’s a lot of questions about what’s going on and what’s happening at Google and it’s critical to get to the bottom of it.”