Real hosts fear factor as Fox’s ‘Fear Factor’ host’s rise begins to come to an end

Fox News host Michael Savage has been the subject of much controversy on the network for his controversial remarks about women in the workforce.

But his biggest fans on the channel appear to be those in the business world.

“He’s a real threat.

He is a real menace to this country.

The way he talks, the way he looks, the fact that he doesn’t take any bullshit, he’s the most dangerous person in the world.

He’s the real hosts,” said Joe Scarborough.

Savage, who has since been fired from Fox News, is the latest in a string of conservative media figures to be fired over their comments.

The backlash over Savage has come in a number of forms.

A group of women in their 40s in California, known as The Women’s Strike, have filed a lawsuit accusing Fox of gender discrimination.

Other women have also accused Fox of making sexist jokes and treating them like they’re not.

Fox News Channel has come under criticism for hiring former conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly.

A new study from the left-leaning think tank Demos found that in the wake of O’Reillys firing, Fox News viewership fell by 6%.

The network has been criticized for its coverage of the Orlando terror attack, in which 49 people were killed.

In a statement to The Associated Press on Tuesday, a Fox News spokesperson said Savage is no longer a member of the company.

“Our team is deeply committed to delivering the highest quality journalism in a professional and inclusive workplace,” the statement said.

“Mike Savage’s comments were unacceptable and we are reviewing them closely.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.