Which NFL teams are most likely to host Big Brother 20?

The Big Brother host Big Show is set to host a live broadcast on the US network in 2020.

Sources say the Big Brother house is currently set to move from Las Vegas to New York City and that host host Jason Mantzoukas is set for a new home in Los Angeles.

Big Show’s host Big B has already moved from LA to New Orleans in 2018.

The US House of Representatives voted to approve the relocation of the House of Big Brother, but it still needs to pass through the Senate.

Big Brother has previously moved to a new US city in the US House after moving to New Zealand.

The Big House currently hosts Big Brother with a live feed, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Big Brother 2020 broadcast this year.

Sources told Bleacher Sports that the move from the Big House to New Jersey will be made in the next week, which would mean Big Show will be home for the duration of the 2020 Big Brother series.

Big B and Big Show are set to debut on the USA Network on May 21, 2021.