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Delila “Delilah” Williams was one of the first hosts to define the term survivor host.

She joined the hosts definition of survivor at Survivor: Second Chance, but also has a long history of defining her own term.

Williams said she coined the term in response to the fact that her daughter’s death at the hands of a family member didn’t get the attention it deserved.

“It’s the most personal and heartbreaking thing that I’ve ever heard.

I was the first one to say that,” Williams said.

Williams’ daughter, Jody, was 14 when she was killed in an accident.

“The fact that it wasn’t on the national news, and then that the death was not even talked about, that was shocking,” Williams recalled.

Williams is still trying to heal from the loss of her daughter.

“She was the nicest person I knew.

She was the most sweet.

She had a beautiful smile.

She didn’t have a disability,” Williams told ESPN Crikey.

“That was her life.

She lived it every day.

She loved her family, she loved her dogs, she would always tell people, ‘Don’t get in my way.'”

Her daughter, who was known as “Jody,” also suffered from a number of medical conditions.

“We had to go to the emergency room a lot and she’d come in with a fever and she would be in pain and she was in hospital.

And she’d say, ‘Jody, I’m dying, I have to go,’ and that was the hardest thing I’ve experienced in my life,” Williams explained.

Williams had the privilege of working with a lot of people who knew her daughter, including a group of doctors who helped her cope with her illness.

“I worked with them and I could just see that they were in pain,” Williams noted.

“And I was like, ‘This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.'”

“Survivor” fans have come to define Delilacis unique definition of “survivor.”

She also has used the term to describe people who have survived a trauma that has left them severely traumatized.

“For me, she has a very specific kind of definition of what it means to be a survivor,” Williams continued.

“To survive, to be in the present, to have a future.

I think it’s very fitting.

To be able to define what a survivor is in a way that is so specific, that is unique, that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Williams believes that the phrase has gained traction in the Survivor community because of the way the Survivor brand has changed in the past decade.

“You know, there was this big wave of changes that came with the new TV shows, the new internet, and I think that’s changed the way people perceive Survivor.

And that’s really what this is about.

The new Survivor was a very unique brand and I’m not sure that anybody could have predicted that,” she said.

Delilahs daughter has lived a different reality.

“Now that we are living in a digital world where we’re connected to everybody, it is very easy for someone to make a difference in someone else’s life.

And I think for people to be able take a life back, and make a life change that’s meaningful for that person and to see that that life has been taken away from them is a very meaningful thing,” Williams added.

“When you see that, I think we’re able to say, OK, you can take that life back.

You can move on and live life to the fullest.

That’s what Survivor is all about.”