Hackers have stolen more than $4.5m from the email hosting service Mailchimp

Hosting websites like email hosting company Mailchamp and social media platform Instagram has been targeted by hackers who have been able to access the credentials and email addresses of over 100,000 accounts, according to a report published by security firm ZeroSec.

The hack comes on the heels of a string of recent attacks on other services, including social media site Twitter, that have revealed how the security industry can be exploited for nefarious purposes.

The security firm said that it had observed a number of “new and emerging attacks” against email hosting services and social networking sites over the last year.

Among the companies affected by the latest attacks are the hosting company hosted by eBay, which has been hit with $4,828,979 in damages from a hack earlier this year.

Twitter, which hosts more than 400 million accounts, is also hit by the same attack, according the report.

The hackers used the credentials to access Instagram accounts and upload files, the report said.

The company’s CEO, George Karras, has previously blamed the attack on “a botnet” that had stolen information about customers and users.