You Got Me on Facebook

I was on Facebook and I didn’t realize how many people liked me. 

I was so nervous and worried I would not be liked.

I just felt so vulnerable, I was really insecure.

I did not know how to talk to people about this, and when I did, it was hard to do so.

So, I decided to make it a habit. 

This post will help you make your first Facebook post, and will help make your Facebook posts great.

You will find me talking about the best ways to make Facebook posts, as well as tips for how to make your social media posts awesome. 

Here are some tips: 1.

Use the word “You” instead of your name. 


Use your first name and surname in your first sentence. 


Make sure you use your name to tell others about your posts, and to make people think you are the owner of the account. 


When you are on Facebook, do not type your name or your name in the top left corner.

This is a safety precaution. 


Use hashtags. 


When you post a message, include your location in the post. 


When people click on your post, they are not actually clicking on your picture. 


Do not use the word You in your title.

This may be seen as creepy, but people do not see it as creepy. 


Don’t post personal information.

This includes your name, phone number, email address, and even your username. 


Do not use any derogatory or profane language. 


Don�t post links to sites you do not own.

If you have an account, it should be easy to find the page you want to share. 


Do keep your pictures clean and simple. 


Keep your pictures small. 


Always remember that you can edit your pictures. 


Keep your images in the background. 


Remember that you cannot post more than one picture per post.

If the post is too long, it will get deleted. 


If someone comments on your Facebook post and the person likes your post a lot, you can delete it and repost it again later. 


If your post does not get a lot of likes, don�t be afraid to delete it. 19. 

If you have a good idea for a new feature, post it on Facebook. 


Do always remember that a post is not just about sharing pictures, but it is also about you. 


You should always write your name on your profile. 


Never share your real name.

Always use your first and last name.