What you need to know about Twitch’s livestreaming service

Twitch, the video-game-based social media platform, is looking to build a platform for livestreaming.

The platform, which has seen some notable hits in the past few years, is seeking investors to help it expand.

The company is hoping to create a platform that will allow people to share their gaming experiences live through the platform’s streamers, who are all affiliated with Twitch.

The idea is that a streamer can take a live-action video and post it to Twitch as well as share it with viewers.

But Twitch’s vision isn’t just to help viewers share their experiences with other viewers.

Instead, the company is looking for investors who will provide additional funding to build out its technology.

The livestreaming platform has seen its share of success over the past several years, with more than 40 million streams being posted to the platform in the last year alone.

That growth has brought increased attention to the company.

This year, Twitch said it has surpassed 1 billion livestream views, which is an increase of more than 100 percent from last year.

While that may not be enough to bring in enough new viewers to sustain itself, Twitch hopes to keep growing.

“We see ourselves as a platform to build and accelerate innovation in the gaming industry,” CEO Matthew Handelman said.

Twitch will be able to make its livestreams available to any streaming-focused viewer who subscribes to the subscription service, according to Handelman.

For now, Twitch only lets people who subscribe to the service stream live content, and it doesn’t currently offer support for livestreams outside of its service.

It has yet to announce when it will offer more streaming support for viewers.

Twitch currently has over 1 million subscribers, but the company hopes to grow to over 10 million subscribers by 2020.

That number is expected to increase, and Twitch has also said it wants to be able, by 2020, to serve as the top video-streaming platform in North America.

The $50 million valuation for Twitch came out of a $300 million Series B round earlier this year led by Index Ventures.