How to get into the food game, in three months, with the host

4 FourFourSeconds ago, we asked you to help us decide what to cover next on the FourFourNow website.

You’re the best!

The winner was…a host, or hosts, who makes a living hosting restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums, shopping malls, festivals, music festivals, theatres and other events.

It’s been our favourite gig ever.

Now it’s your turn to decide which host you want to be.

Who are you?

What’s your favourite thing about being host?

You can choose to be an event host or an event presenter, but we’ll still leave the choice up to you.

Who will you be hosting?

Let us know in the comments below.

What’s the host’s job?

This will depend on what your favourite part of being host is.

What does your host do?

This depends on what kind of events your host has booked for you, what you like about the job, and whether you’d like to take on the hosting role yourself.

How much money do hosts earn?

What kind of work do hosts do?

Can hosts stay up to date with the latest news, or do they have to be on the lookout for new gigs?

Can they get their hands on exclusive food?

Does their job require them to make sure the venues and restaurants they’re running are properly run?

What happens if your host does get sick or dies?

Are they compensated?

Does your host get to stay on for as long as they want to?

What does the host make?

Can you ask them to do anything?

Can the host give you the host badge?

Do you have to wear a mask?

Can guests wear masks in your host’s place?

What about staff?

What if they’re not welcome at your event?

Can someone else take over?

How do you choose a host?

Is it a family?

Are you the only host?

How old are you and how old is the host?

What do you want your host to look like?

Is there an online or offline host?

Does the host have to meet the host criteria?

Is your host expected to be able to keep up with current events, and to respond to questions?

Does being host the same as being a regular host require a degree in hospitality or a masters degree?

Is a bachelor’s degree required?

What is a ‘normal’ event?

Is the host expected be flexible?

Are there special requirements for being a host and a regular event host?

Can your host change jobs after the event?

Are guests welcome at all events?

What are the rules for hosting an event?

Who can attend an event without a visa?

Are hosts allowed to work outside the event without their own passports?

Is that a rule?

Are host badges made of metal?

Is metal mandatory for host badges?

Are metal-clad hosts allowed in hotels?

Do hosts need a job at all?

What kinds of events do you run?

Is an event an event at all and does it have to happen in the host venue?

Is all the hosts responsible for organising the event or do some of them need to be part of the organising team?

Can an event be held in a hotel?

Does an event need to have a designated venue?

Does a venue need to provide a separate location for an event to take place?

Does one host have exclusive rights to host an event while another host has the exclusive rights for a particular event?

What other events do hosts run?

How often do hosts work?

Does host pay?

Is host pay subject to a contract?

Is being a ‘host’ a qualification for being allowed to host events?

Are staff paid?

Does that matter?

Are chefs paid?

Is food and drink paid?

Can chefs be fired?

Are food and beverage provided by hosts?

Are cooks paid?

Are bartenders paid?

What can be said in court?

What you can’t say in court What you cannot say in the media Who can make a complaint about host behaviour What can happen when a host goes on sick or gets sacked Who can file a complaint?

Who is allowed to say anything in court Who can speak to the press?

Can a host be fired or sacked?

Can anyone else be fired from a job?

What rights do hosts have in court How much does a host have in an employment tribunal?

What the court can and cannot do How to complain about an event in court