How to stay safe while driving in Canada

Posted May 19, 2018 05:20:33 Canada’s traffic safety standards have recently been reviewed and will be revised, a new national safety report says.

In the first such assessment of the new system, released Tuesday by Transport Canada, the report found that while some elements have improved, there are still concerns about safety standards.

While there are areas of improvement, the system has not been in place for long enough to prevent a serious accident, said the report, which found there are about 1,200 traffic fatalities per year.

“We need to ensure that Canadians who travel to or from the U.S. are able to travel safely,” said the transportation minister, Steven Blaney.

The report was written by Transport Minister Steven Blayney, Transportation Minister John Baird and Transportation Minister Dominic LeBlanc, along with the country’s senior police officers, provincial and territorial police chiefs, provincial health officers, federal highway officers and the chief medical officer of health.

It is the first in a series of national reviews into the Canada’s safety standards system.

The government is proposing to spend about $15.3 billion over the next decade to update the system.

It will include a system to increase the amount of data collected by police officers and provide more detailed information on accidents and crashes.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police says the system is “critical to the safety of Canadians.”