How to Avoid Being a Victim of Racist Comments in Hosts Files

Racist comments in host files are a real problem, especially for people of color, but it’s not something that can be easily solved.

As a result, hosts have to decide whether to report racist comments or not.

A new guide from the University of Maryland’s College of Law is the first to provide a simple, straightforward way for hosts to ensure their hosts files are free of racist comments.

The guide is available for free to anyone who wishes to download and use it.

The purpose of the guide is to prevent hosts from becoming victims of racist comment posts, but the guide does not recommend reporting racist comments to law enforcement or to a host who is the target of the racist comment.

Instead, it recommends the host take proactive steps to prevent such racist comments from occurring in the first place.

The guidance recommends the following steps: The host should check in with their hosts file every 24 hours.

They should check the host file for comments from people who are not affiliated with the host.

If the host has multiple hosts, they should also check their hosts for comments, even if they are unrelated to the host or someone who is not associated with them.