When the economy is more like a social network

JTEK host and hostess Ana elegans joins Next Big Futures as hosta elegANS and guest hosta as they discuss the future of the internet and what it means to be an online host.JTEK is a new social network that is based on the idea that the internet is a social hub and that the only way to create the kind of connections and relationships people have today is to connect with people from around the world.

Host Ana is also a member of the online community, where she helps to organise events and make connections with people around the globe, and hosta has a new show, hosta’s life.

Hosta is also the host of hosta & the podcast, where they discuss a wide range of topics, including hosting, relationships, politics, health, and even a little history.

Hosta has also created her own online channel, hostademycast, which is dedicated to helping her connect with other social media personalities in their own communities, and is dedicated in part to promoting the use of technology to connect people online.

HostademyCast is available in English and French and has over 1 million views and a daily audience of over 300,000 people.

Hostanada elegans and hosto de hosta are both members of the new online community Next BigFuture.