Which MSNBC host is the worst offender of MSNBC’s hosts’ behavior?

In response to a series of questions about his handling of the #MSNBCBlackLivesMatter protests and the treatment of black people by MSNBC, MSNBC host Brian Williams called out the network’s hosts for being “sloppy” in their responses to the protests and for their failure to “say anything positive about” the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said he was concerned about the lack of “sensitivity and empathy” in his hosts’ responses to black people and for the lack “of any empathy and understanding” for those who had been “subjected to police brutality, sexual assault, police harassment, harassment by the police.”

“They need to say something positive about Black Lives Matters, they need to be able to say anything positive, but they need also to say, ‘Listen, this is something that affects us, it’s a movement for people who are different than us,'” Williams said.

“That’s a hard pill to swallow for them to swallow.

It’s a very difficult pill to take, because they’re going to have to say things that they think they have to, and then you have to listen and then they can say things about it.

But I don’t know what they’re trying to say.”

Williams said he thought MSNBC’s black hosts were “lazy” for not “coming up with a simple and effective way to talk about Black lives.”

“We’re going through a period of great change,” Williams said of the country’s racial and ethnic diversity.

“And we’re getting better every day.

And so that’s why we have this amazing diversity of people who work for us.

We don’t have to make the choice to have a bunch of black guys.

We have all kinds of different people.

So I don’ know if it’s lazy, or it’s smart to not have a simple solution that could be applied by all of us to this.

But that’s my view.

And I think that that’s the view of the entire leadership of MSNBC.”