Which of the 20 biggest news stories in 2017?

A host of news stories have made headlines over the past year, including the birth of a boy who is the first human being born with Down syndrome, a new Ebola outbreak and the FBI releasing its findings on the alleged use of surveillance drones to monitor the Trump campaign.

Here are the 20 most-reported stories in 2016.1.

Birth of a baby with Down SyndromeAn infant born with the condition is born in a hospital in Mexico.ABC News (Photo: ABC News)2.

Ebola OutbreakAn Ebola outbreak has killed more than 3,400 people and infected more than 5,000 in Africa, the World Health Organization says.

The U.S. has recorded more than 13,000 cases and at least 3,000 deaths.3.

U.K. To VoteVoting rights are restored in the United Kingdom after the country’s parliament passed a sweeping election law that critics said disenfranchised minority voters.

The Associated Press (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)4.

Donald Trump Donald Trump has been the Republican presidential nominee for the last three decades.

The Republican Party has nominated him in 17 of the last 20 presidential elections.5.

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential nominee, winning a second term as U.N. secretary-general.

Clinton has also been in the spotlight since she announced her presidential bid in 2016 after months of scrutiny from her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.6.

Trump’s Russia tiesTrump’s ties to Russia are growing, with the revelation that the president-elect’s son, Eric Trump, was recorded meeting Russian officials during the 2016 campaign.

Trump denies any wrongdoing and has denied any knowledge of Russia’s meddling in the election.7.

Unearthed: Donald Trump’s long-hidden tapesThe new book “What Happened” is about Trump’s alleged interactions with Russia.

In it, Trump is said to have told his former business partners that he did not want to talk about Russia, the book claims.8.

Unauthorized release of ’60 Minutes’ documentaryThe “60 Minutes” documentary is about a time in the 1970s when people who worked for President Richard Nixon were caught in a cover-up of the Watergate scandal.

It was shown on CBS and Fox.9.

FBI releases documents that suggest Trump’s campaign paid for research on voter fraud.

The documents include reports that found that Trump’s opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democrat, received donations from a man named Robert Mercer.

Mercer is a billionaire donor to conservative causes.10.

Donald J. Trump Jr. Donald Jr. said his father, Donald Trump, had told him he was willing to donate $10,000 to a super PAC that would help his father in his run for president.

The $10 million donation was later rescinded, according to an email sent by the Donald Trump Jr., who said the money was a mistake.11.

Trump hires former Trump campaign chairman Paul ManafortThe former campaign chairman of President Donald Trump says that he met with his father at a golf resort in Scotland in July.

Manafort told The Associated Press that the meeting took place while he was on vacation.12.

FBI to release transcripts of Donald Trump tapesThe FBI will release the transcripts of the tapes released by the House of Representatives earlier this month.

The House subpoenaed the records in March and received them on June 2.13.

Trump says he has ‘great respect’ for PutinThe Republican president said that he has “great respect” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.14.

’60 Minutes’ Documentary’The ’60 Minute’ documentary is a three-part series that chronicles the life and work of President Richard M. Nixon, from Watergate to his first impeachment.

The series was shown to a special audience at the White House in May and has been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube.15.

Trump announces retirement from public lifeTrump says that his political career has been over for years, and that he will now be stepping away from public service.

He also says that Trump will focus on his business interests.