‘The Host’ anime debuts on Hulu, Amazon’s Anime Unlimited service

A new anime adaptation of the popular Japanese television series “The Host” has debuted on Hulu and Amazon’s anime Unlimited service.

The animated movie based on the manga series and TV anime by Hirohiko Araki and Keiichi Kawahara debuted on September 16 in Japan and in English as “The Show of the Host.”

The film’s official website and Twitter account announced on Tuesday that the film has been green-lit for release in English on Hulu in late December.

The announcement also included a teaser for the movie’s English dub.

The film follows Hirohito, a young man who attends a private boarding school that was closed for a period due to a virus outbreak.

Hirohiro, along with his friends, attends a club called the “host club” which has a theme of “hosting.”

They spend their days at the club as the host hosts food for their guests and is known for their delicious treats.

The anime has a cast of 18 actors including Miki Tanaka, Ai Kayano, Yūki Yamazaki, Aya Suzukawa, Yuki Kajiura, Hiroko Sakurai, and Yoshiko Ichinose.

The series premiered on the Japanese television network SHAFT on October 4, 2002.

The cast of “The House of the Spirits”The story of the anime centers on the two hosts who work as host clubs in the same building.

Each host is a famous person who has come to the host club to host for guests and serves as a host of sorts.

The host club is the center of a magical world where guests come to stay and live in a mansion.

The hosts are also the hosts of the “House of the spirits” which is an old-fashioned Japanese amusement park that serves as an escape from society.

The show’s first anime was released in 2001 and later ran for eight seasons.

It received an anime film in 2003.